Saturday, November 01, 2008

¿Hay algo mas que pueda hacer por usted?

Is there anything else I can do for you?


Mooney Guy said...

When it comes to Spanish I am only a beginner, but I have to ask, why is it "pueda" and not "puedo"? I would think first person is appropriate there.

Pat said...

I had the same question and then realized that the sentence is in the subjunctive mood because of the uncertainty of the statement.

Dana Law said...

Pat is right. It is the subjunctive verb form. Though Spanish has the most sensible spelling in the world of language the subjunctive form will trip you up. I've always wondered if they have spelling bees in Mexico because the words are spelled like they sound. Anything that is uncertain or hasn't happened yet can take the verb form. "Espero que tengas un buen fin de semana."
"I hope you have a good weekend." is an example.
Mooney Guy. Send a picture of your Mooney so I can send it to my brother the pilot.
Dana Law
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Andres said...

Actually the correct to say is:
"Hay algo más que pueda hacer por usted"

Dana Law said...

Thank you. That was a typo. I'll fix it.
Dana Law
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