Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tengo papel en mis orejas para que no entre aire.

I have paper in my ears so the air can't get in.

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Anonymous said...

I must be making some progress in my spanish study; I read the statement and understood it without understanding it... :-)


Dana Law said...

Kevin, It is a good feeling isn't it? We just want to improve, understand and maybe communicate even the simplest ideas.
Dana Law
Spanish Phrase of the Day

P.S.Tell me about yourself. Where are you located? How do you study Spanish? Any other passions?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dana,

I've posted before. But I can never remember the google password so I used the anonymous setting.

I'm 51, a veterinarian practicing in wyoming. Aside from espanol, my main passion is distance running. I've done over 50 marathons and 20 ultras.

Tengo una clase de espanol a la universidad. La profesora es una mujer muy bonita y inteligente.

Dana Law said...

Wyoming? Large animal vet?

Impressive running and marathon accomplishments.

I'm a hiker myself. Met a very good looking vet on the John Muir trail last year. She made our day. Check out our Pacific Crest Trail adventure at pctdanalaw.blogspot.com

I've told my wife for years I need a Spanish speaking girlfriend for conversational reasons only. She says no. Very narrow minded.

Glad you're listening to the podcast.
Dana Law
Spanish Phrase of the Day

Anonymous said...

Mixed animal practice (ie large, small, feathered or cold blooded) I enjoy this blog, I check it every day. I tell my wife I'm learning spanish so I can run away from home and live on a beach in Baja. Running the PCT is on my 'life list'.

On the wall beside my desk I wrote, "Se aprende mas de los errores." Sound familiar? :-)

Dana Law said...

I think a man last year ran the PCT. He had a support crew but it was a tremendous achievement. I can't stand running (nothing personal) but am always impressed with anyone who takes fitness seriously. Mixing it in with a great adventure is even better.
Thanks for listening. As for errors I had to correct two of the recent phrases because I really blew the grammar. Thank goodness native speakers are watching out for me.
Dana Law
Spanish Phrase of the day

and pctdanalaw.blogspot.com