Thursday, December 20, 2007

¿Puedes creer que María lleva dos horas corriendo sin parar?

Can you believe that Maria has been running for two hours with stopping.

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MorenaTejana said...

¿dos horas? ¡VAYA! She should be a skinny stick by now haha.

Anyway, I'd thought I should comment that "María" should carry an orthographic accent on the "i" because the stress is on what is usually considered the weak vowel.

Thanks for your phrases of the day! I look at them almost daily!

Dana Law said...

Thanks for the correction. I changed the post.
I wish working out made you skinny. I have been at 24 hour fitness for over a quarter of a century. Almost everyone who has been there for a long time is getting fatter. So efficient exercise and proper nutrition is the key. Thank you for listening to this rant.
Dana Law
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