Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A mis sobrinos les va a extrañar que no vengas a la fiesta.

My nephews are going to be surprised if you don't come to the party.

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GreatMan said...

¿ Pero que pelotudes es esta mierda ?

What that fuck is that ?

Si van a enseñar frases, enseñen las que son utiles.
If you are going to teach phrases, taught which are useful.

Dana Law said...

Great Man?
Sounds like you already have a high opinion of yourself. Why don't you give us some important phrases, weasel boy!
Dana Law
Spanish Phrase of the Day

neweyess said...

My Mexican friends have an expression that I haven’t heard from other Spanish speakers. They often say; “¡A poco!” to mean; “Really!” or “No kidding!” For example if you say; “¿Sabes que mi hermano es famoso?” they might answer; “¡A poco!”

They will also use it to express varying degrees of incredulity in sentences similar to this one; “¿A poco no te gustó la comida?” to mean; “I can’t believe you didn’t like the food?”

Other Spanish speakers that I have questioned about this phrase are very familiar with it but recognize it as a Mexican expression.

Suggested Spanish Phrase of the Day: “¿A poco no te gustó la comida?”


jimmy said...

On my podcast, I was talking about Hugo Chavez and a friend of mine sent me this: Porqué no lo haga usted apenas cierra para arriba, Hugo or "Why don't you just shut up, Hugo" You would have to know a lot more Spanish than I do to get this one. - Jimmy

Dana Law said...

I like that phrase and will use it with "probably Mexicanismo" caveat.
Thanks for sharing it.
Dana Law
Spanish Phrase of the Day

Dana Law said...

My original phrase was from the video of the incident but I would like to know the exact meaning of your phrase .
I will run it by my experts.
Dana Law
Spanish Phrase of the Day.