Saturday, December 15, 2007

Me sorprendió la facilidad del juego.

I was surprised by the simplicity of the game.

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neweyess said...

Recently I went to Peru for a 5-day trek to Machu Picchu. We had two excellent guides that led the group as we climbing to over 15,000feet in altitude. Today I got a personal e-mail from one of them. Victor closed his e-mail somewhat formally:

"Que tenga una bonita navidad en el calor de su familia."

Dana Law said...

That is one sweet phrase. That sounds like "bosom of your family" in English but I like it better.
I'll use it with your permission.
Dana Law
Spanish Phrase of the Day

neweyess said...

You have my permission to use any phrase I submit and I'm certain Victor will feel honored. Spanish is a second language for me. I begin to acquire it in my twenties (about 30 years ago). Though others consider me fluent, I’ve traveled a bit, worked in international business and married in to a Hispanic family, I still consider myself to be just having fun learning. Typically, I will submit what I find interesting and hear from native Spanish speakers from different walks of life.