Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ella se acababa de ir la tienda.

She had just left the store.

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Discovery said...

Two things (oh such a nitpicker I am today -- it's what happens when I can't get motivated to work):

1) I feel like something is missing. Perhaps:

Ella se acababa de ir de la tienda.

I'm not 100% sure it's required, but it feels right.

2) The case you're using is the preterit imperfect. You're going to use it most when describing an on-going action or something that takes place in the past surrounding something with a more fixed point in time. So this phrase is more appropriate as a lead in phrase than a stand alone phrase:

Ella se acababa de ir de la tienda cuando le robaron la bolsa.

Ignacio said...

Discovery is right on both points:
1) The preposition 'de' is missing.
2) The phrase by itself sounds incomplete.

I would have translated "She had just left the store" as: "(Ella) recién se fue de la tienda" (with 'Ella' being optional).


Buenos Aires, Argentina