Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tal como ha pasado en Humberto.

Just like what happened to Humberto.

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Ignacio said...

¡Hola! Yo otra vez...

I thought it could be interesting to mention that (in Argentina at least) we don't use much "el pasado perfecto", i.e., verbs in the past with "haber". That's too complicated sometimes, isn't it? ;-)

We would definitely say today's phrase like this:

"Igual que (lo que) le pasó a Humberto"

Note the preposition "a" instead of "en"!

Saludos a todos los lectores,

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Discovery said...

I use the pasado perfecto all the time -- it's how I learned to speak. I'm told that I speak very formally by most people in Buenos Aires. My hope is that speaking very formally will make up for my terrible accent ;).