Monday, August 27, 2007

No creo que ella les dé ayuda a los estudiantes.

I don’t believe she helps the students.

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Discovery said...

As a recap, and maybe an explanation for those who haven't learned much about it, the subjunctive mood (it's not a tense) is used to express some level of doubt. It's also used for some other trickier situations that we'll leave for another day.

I highlighted "some level" because this is a point that a lot of people get hung up on. The doubt can be quite small, which is why using subjunctive can get so tricky. I have friends who've introduced me saying:

Esto es mi amigo que trabaje acá en Buenos Aires.

My thought initially was "you doubt that I work here?"

In Dana's example here, it's pretty easy to see the doubt in the speaker's sentence. There are lists and more lists of uses of subjunctive. In general, though, you're going to see the subjunctive after que more often than in other places.

As with everything, the best is to hear a billion examples.