Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lo que ven aquí es un proyecto completo.

What you see here is a finished project.

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Discovery said...


Something got corrupted with this episode. Bummer.

Thanks for the supportive comments. I'm envious of your lack of fear. Sometimes being too pensive back fires on me and makes me afraid to speak. My ex-boss, who learned to speak English perfectly by just showing up in New York (and staying for 17 years), prodded me once. He said that there's a point when you just have to start saying stuff, even if it's wrong. Just keep doing it. This is where lack of fear and some parroting ability really help.

I have found that a lack of faith really hurts speaking ability. For instance, practicing a phrase in my head before making a request at a store: 50% failure rate. The conversation never goes as planned, anyway. The clerks have rarely done a good job of studying the "in the store" script.

Turning off the doubt and forging ahead are the way to go. And having some well-formed phrases in the quiver certainly helps.

We'll all get to Fluency City one day, one way or another.

Thanks for the phrases! Take care,


Discovery said...

Working now =).