Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Realizaron un buen trabajo en reparar el coche.

They did a good job fixing the car.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dana:
For some reason, the last day I could download was 6/27 - until today. A mystery.
Happy 4th to you and yours,

Dana Law said...

No mystery. Odeo was corrupting my recordings and they finally fixed it.
Good to hear from you.
Happy 4th!

Anonymous said...


I am learning Spanish with my 4 year old daughter.

We play your web site each morning.

Thank you in providing a resource that helps both me and my daughter.

-- And showing her that learning is a life long endevor!

Pat & Mia

Dana Law said...

That is a lucky four year old. Having a parent that cares about a second language is a step up in the future.
You may have heard that my daughter who is in medical school is spending this summer in Madrid studying the language. I think I infected her too at an early age.
Dana Law
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