Monday, May 21, 2007

Mira lo que te hecho.

Look what you have done.

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Sol said...

I really don´t want to be anoying, really like the blog, but is actually "look what I have done to you"

Dana Law said...

Sol, You are not annoying. Wouldn't that be "Mira lo que yo te hice".

God knows I have been wrong before.
Dana Law
Spanish Phrase of the day

Disco said...

"Mira lo que te he hecho" ("Look what I've done to you") is about the same as "Mira lo que te hice" ("Look what I did to you").

"Look what you've done" would be "Mira lo que has hecho."

While "Mira lo que te has hecho" would be similar to "Look what you've done to yourself."

All depends what you were aiming for.

Ya sé que es complicado ;).


Dana Law said...

Disco, Thanks for the boot camp on that phrase. I think that is the most difficult part of Spanish for me. It feels like a maze of meaning where a slight change in pronoun, past participle or reflexive verb changes everything.
Thank you,
Dana Law
Spanish Phrase of the Day
P.S. What are you doing in Argentina?

Disco said...

No problem, it's our common struggle to be perfect at speaking Spanish. I'm happy that I can help others out sometimes.

As for the maze of meaning, I just try to hear the whole phrase rather than trying to pick it apart word-for-word. You don't want to stop listening after the first two words of the pretty sales girl saying "Te quiero ayudar," 'cause you just might go away with the wrong idea ;). The more you hear phrases like this, the more natural they sound. Producing them in the right order on-the-fly is tricky, but they start coming together better the more you use them.