Monday, April 02, 2007

Ella tiene veinte años y pico .

She is twenty something. She is about twenty years old.

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Ignacio said...


The correct phrase is:

"Ella tiene veinte años y pico"

"Y pico" means "more than the number previously mentioned". It's very common when talking about ages and time.

"Deben ser las doce y pico ahora." (It must be over midnight by now)

Remember that "e" is the replacement for "y" ("and") only when the word coming next starts with an "i"! (Otherwise it sounds like Portuguese ;-) )

"Inseguro e indeciso" (it would be wrong to use "y" in this case).

Hope this helps!
Have a great (short) week :-)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Carmelita said...

I've heard this phrase before too, as in "Eran las tres y pico" - "it was just after three", or "veinte y pico" - "just over twenty". When I looked it up, I found that "la hora pico" may be used in Latin American Spanish to mean "the rush hour".

Carmelita, Sydenham, Ontario

Dana Law said...

Thank you Ignacio and Carmelita. Not only was the usuage wrong, (I thought I heard it correctly) but I didn't know the "y" and "e" rule.
Glad to have you both helping me.
Dana Law
San Diego

Ignacio said...

Note also that the correct spelling for number 20 is "veinte" and not "viente". The latter is not a Spanish word.

And like Carmelita wrote, "la hora pico" is the rush hour. "La hora pico para viajar en tren es entre las 6 y 7 de la mañana."