Thursday, March 01, 2007

Quiero que mires las cartas y cojas una.

I want you to look at the cards and pick one.

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Pat said...


Thank you for your great blog. I look forward to it and enjoy it every day.

Is it safe or acceptable to use the word "coger"? I was told that the word has a crude connotation in Mexico. ¿Que piensas?

Saludos de Boise, Idaho,

Dana Law said...

Even though it has a crude connotation I actually heard a Mexican magician
use this on Mexican TV. So it probably is just as common a double meaning
as "screw" here in the US with just as minor a consequence. Though I have
heard Mexican friends recommend escoger.
Thanks for listening
Dana Law
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Ignacio said...


Nice Spanish Phrase of the Day for a magician :-)

The correct conjugation is of course "Quiero" (not "Queiro", which was surely a typo).

Regarding Pat's comment: "coger" (meaning "to take something with your hands") is used in Spain and a few other countries.

Nobody in my country, for example, would ever say this phrase, because "coger" for us is slang for "to make love". We would say instead "Quiero que mires las cartas y elijas una."

So be careful when you use this word and how you use it! ;-)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dana Law said...

Hey Igacio, Great information. It was a typo.
I did hear this on TV from Mexico. Never heard elijas before but look forward to using it.