Monday, January 29, 2007

Después de estudiar cuatro años llegó a ser medico.

After studying for four years she became a doctor.

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Ignacio said...


Como siempre, ¡muy buena frase!

There's just a funny misspelling: "quarto" is Portuguese for "fourth". The word you actually say in the recording is "cuatro" (four). No word in Spanish contains the syllable "-qua-".

And just one little detail: "médico" takes an accent mark on the "e".

"Después de estudiar cuatro años llegó a ser médico."


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ignacio said...

... and why not? Some trivia:

This phrase introduces the use of "llegar a ser", and this reminds me of some very common mistakes among us native speakers when we write:

In English, some people confuse "it's" with "its", "loose" with "lose", and so on. Well, in Spanish some people confuse "a ser" with "hacer", "haber" with "a ver", (and much more...).


Dana Law said...

Thank you for the correction and the list of confusing words in English and Spanish.
Dana Law

Anonymous said...

cuarto-quarter, or 15 past
I think you mean cuatro

Dana Law said...

I corrected the mistake with a mistake. Hope it is right now.
Dana Law