Thursday, November 30, 2006

Olvidé decirte cuánto cuesta el camarón.

I forgot to tell you what the shrimp cost.

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Dave Oliver said...

Hi Dana.
Love the podcast, which I listen to regularly here in the UK. Could I make a small suggestion that would certainly help me and probably a lot of your other listeners?
You normally say the phrase twice in Spanish, then explain it in English - would it be possible for you to then repeat the phrase in Spanish once more at the end?
I find that, especially with the longer phrases, I need the English translation to get my head around them, and then I'm just ready to have them reiterated to reinforce them in my mind.
Just a thought...

(((.::eMe_DobLe::. ))) said...

Hi again Dana!

I will make you another little correction about the spanish phrases:

In this phrase, the preposition "de" is reiterative, and not correct.

Another one. When we buy food, usually buy more than one unit and put the sustantive in plural. This change affect the verb too.

The correct phrase it will:

"Olvidé decirte cuánto cuestan los camarones."