Saturday, November 25, 2006

¿Donde aprendiste el Español? Estudio por mi mismo.

Where did you learn Spanish? I study on my own.

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Marcelo said...

Is this phrase two phrases instead?? Because the Idea is that someone is asking where did he learn Spanish and the other one answers he studied on his own. Is that correct?? because if that is the case you may split both phrases to get better the idea. Bolivia - South America

(((.::eMe_DobLe::. ))) said...
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(((.::eMe_DobLe::. ))) said...

Some corrections with a costructive spirit:

In Spanish, we don't put the article "el" or "la" before names, only before sustantives.
"la casa" → Correct
"la María" → Don't correct
"el gato" → Correct
"el José" → Don't correct

The properly phrase it will:

"¿Donde aprendiste español? Estudio por mi mismo."

Anonymous said...

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