Wednesday, October 11, 2006

No sé qué hice, pero todos los papeles se me perdieron.

I don't know what I did, but all the papers were lost.

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Ignacio said...


Una corrección importante:

El papel (singular) se perdió.

Los papeles (plural) se perdieron.

Entonces, la frase debería ser, por ejemplo:

"No sé qué hice, pero todos los papeles se me perdieron."


Buenos Aires, Argentina

cuvtixo said...

Dana, in my iTunes, the accented letters are coming out as garbage. Do you know if iTunes uses Unicode or ascii? Perhaps there's a setting in iTunes I can change? I know can use Odeo, but its really annoying not to have proper text in iTunes.

Dana Law said...

Cuvtivo, I am seeing the same problem.
I produce the phrase online in the Firefox Browser. I am going to try Internet Explorer to see if things improve.
Thanks for the imput.
Dana Law
San Diego
Love your name. Does it mean something?