Tuesday, October 17, 2006

¿Has visto a Paco? No. ¿A Rosa? Tampoco.

Have you seen Frank? No. Rose? I didn’t see her either.

Tambien is used in the affirmative.


Anonymous said...

Dana, thanks very much for the Spanish phrase of the day. I think I'm at about your level of Spanish-speaking ability, and I get a lot out of your podcasts. I also very much like that you make mistakes and are okay with them. Please keep 'em coming!

Saludos -

Mark McClure

Dana Law said...

I appreciate the kind words about the Phrase of the Day. I wish I didn't make mistakes but apparently it is the only way I learn not to make them. I don't have a degree in Spanish, haven't taken traditional classes but I have opportunities to speak it alot. I take those experiences and make the "Phrase". Thank you for listening and I hope that we both learn a lot.
Dana Law
San Diego