Friday, September 08, 2006

Yo lo susto.

I scared him.

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Filostrato said...

Have a nice vacation in Alaska. I had a dog that was easily frightened too. Once, when my son was just a baby and I had him sitting in his little baby seat while I fed him his supper, a thunderstorm frightened my dog so severely that she tried to climb into my lap, and, failing that, tried to climb into my son's lap. He was about six months old at the time and had a very small lap.

Dana Law said...

Good story. Most dogs are big chickens with hair.
I like your screen name.
Dana Law
San Diego

Ignacio said...


Una aclaración importante:

"susto" es un sustantivo (noun): el susto (= a fright).

"asustar (a alguien)" (= to scare someone) y "asustarse" (= to get scared) son verbos asociados a ese sustantivo.

1. "Lo asusté" (= I scared him).
2. "Cuando era pequeño, siempre estaba asustando a mi hermano" (= When I was a kid, I was always scaring my poor little brother).
3. "¡Me asusté mucho cuando el ascensor se paró de repente!" (= I got so scared when the elevator came to a sudden halt!).

Espero que esto sea útil :-)


Buenos Aires, Argentina