Tuesday, September 26, 2006

La conocí durante mis años colegios.

I met her during my college years.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your Phrase of the Day. It is very helpful to me as a 59 year old who is trying to learn Spanish on her own. I have taken books from the library and tapes this past summer and am progressing along, although it is not easy for me. I took the language in high school but only one year and it was not conversational. Only Grammer and not very interesting to me at that time. We have many Spanish Speakers in Indiana where I live and also I have been working in the St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry and try to be of assistance to Spanish Speakers. Thank you again, S.A.

Dana Law said...

You are welcome. I started the "phrase" because, after a lifetime of
studying the language, I had figured out a way to advance my skills by
learning one bite at a time in the manner that it is spoken. When I
couldn't find something similar on the Internet I did it myself and doing it
makes it stick even better. Glad you like it. Speaking the phrases out

Ignacio said...


Por favor, ¡notar que "collegio" no es una palabra española! La palabra correcta es "colegio" y la frase debería ser:

"La conocí durante mis años de colegio."
"La conocí durante mis años en el colegio."


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dana Law said...

Lo siento Ignacio. Sin tu ayuda seria
incompleto. Necesito checkar todos mis frases con mi consejero en Buenos Aires.
Gracias amigo.
hago demsiado errors