Saturday, June 24, 2006

Pongalo ahí.

Put it there.

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rank beginner said...


In your podcast you say you heard someone say this to your daughter but isn't this the formal form of the command? Wouldn't "Ponlo ahi" be the right way to say this in the familiar form?

Dana Law said...

I heard a lady say it to her daugther at the grocery store. It is formal though. Must have been a step daughter. :) Thank you for the feedback. I like your screen name.
Dana Law
San Diego

Pablito said...

Hi, i just wanted to stop by to thank you for your podcast. I use these little phases as often as i can at work. In the area i currently live in, there are many spanish only speaking people. Thank you so much for helping me break through this barrier and for helping me learn my native tongue!

Dana Law said...

Thank you too. Let's all learn something new every day. We will have a better more vibrant life.
Dana Law
San Diego, Ca