Tuesday, May 16, 2006

¿Te encargas de la oficina?

Are you in charge of the office?

¿Estás encargado? Are you in charge?

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Russell Jenkins said...

I'm not a native Spanish speaker or an expert but I was wondering about your pronunciation. You often use diphthongs in short Spanish words, for example for Spanish "de" you say "day" rather than the short sound in English debt.
Also sometimes you say "mee" for Spanish "mi" rather than the short sound in English myth.

Maybe this is you American accent or maybe this is how Mexicans pronounce, I don't know. I am English and my Spanish is from

Dana Law said...

You might be right about the difference in regional pronunciation and of course you might be noticing my sloppy verbalization of the language. Thanks for the email. I will pay close attention to how I speak. I appreciate your imput.
Dana Law
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Anonymous said...

russel ... im from england and youre talking rubbish. every spanish speaker pronounces those wrods like dana pronounces them.