Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Súbase la pesa.

Get on the scale.

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My goal with the Spanish Phrase of the Day is something short, easy and practical that you can put into regular conversation. It has all the components necessary to advance verb conjugation, vocabulary, and proper syntax. Say the phrase out loud several times so it will pop out later in conversation.


Ignacio said...

I'd like to make two comments.
1) Verbs that indicate movement (as "subirse", to get onto, in this case), require a preposition. In this case, we say "subirse a (algún lugar)".
2) In Argentina, we normally call a scale "la balanza". "La pesa" here is a weight (the ones bodybuilders use). As I understand it, most countries use this word too.

So, the phrase should be:
"Súbase a la balanza" (formal)
"Súbete a la balanza" (informal)

And now, how would you say "Do not get on the scale!"? :-)
Post your answer!

Dana Law said...

Thank you Ignacio for your help and patience. Dana