Thursday, January 19, 2006

Todo iba bien hasta que entraron.

Everything was fine until they came in.

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Ignacio said...

In the sentence "Everything was fine until they came in," the part "until they came in" indicates a punctual event in the past. In Spanish, these kinds of events require the use of Pretérito Indefinido, as opposed to Pretérito Imperfecto, which is used to indicate an action that spans in the past, or a circumstance.
Of course, I'll leave the correction up to you

Dana Law said...

I need help on this. I thought it was right. What is the correct version?

Salva said...

The correct translation for "Everything was fine until they came in" should be "Todo iba bien hasta que entraron", if you say entraban you refer to the lapse of time when they were coming in.

It´s quite hard to translate as english has less verbal tenses than spanish.

I hope my correction is clear enough, you can correct my english if want to :-) . We can learn of each other.


Ignacio said...

Salva is right: the correct translation would be "Todo iba bien hasta que entraron".
I guess that Spanish verb tenses must be overwhelming, but I think that a smart way to master them is with a Spanish Phrase of the Day