Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Se me ha perdido la cartera con todas mis tarjetas creditas.

I have lost my wallet with all of my credit cards.

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Ignacio said...

There's a subtle mistake in the sentence. Hint: "tarjeta", as every single noun ending in "-eta", is feminine. Can you tell where's the mistake? Post it! :-)

PS. Thank for the link to Rolling R's!

Ignacio said...
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Dana Law said...

Ignacio, I think I corrected it. Was I right? Dana

Ignacio said...

Exactly! Gender matching.
Another thing: I'm used to "tarjeta(s) de crédito" for "credit card(s)", but what you wrote might as well be used in some other country.

Salva said...

In spain we say "tarjetas de crédito" and I´ve never heard "tarjetas creditas" (its sounds quite strange to me, in fact).

But as Ingacio says it could be normal in some other country.