Thursday, January 26, 2006

El mundo es un Pañuelo.

It is a small world.

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Ignacio said...

and welcome back! Hope you enjoyed your hike!
Just a slight spelling correction: "pañuelo" with "ñ" instead of "n". Remember the sound changes to something like "ni" as in "nickname", for example. It means "handkerchief" indeed, and I don't know why the expression is like that, but it's indeed a small world, isn't it?
BTW, I haven't seen any new pictures in pctdanalaw -- I'm curious! ;-)

Dana Law said...

Thanks again. The pictures won't be up until next week at the earliest. My hiking partner and I will put it all together and post them with the trips journal. What a trip. Hard, cold and very interesting territory.
Dana Law