Friday, January 06, 2006

¿Cómo adelanta su amigo?"

How is your friend progressing?

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Ignacio said...

This sentence doesn't sound really natural: I suggest "¿Cómo adelanta su amigo?" -- or, why not? Just as in English, I'd use a continuous tense: "¿Cómo está adelantando su amigo?", "¿Cómo está avanzando su amigo?", "¿Cómo está progresando su amigo?" -- I've heard this last one in particular quite a lot, I would say. Notice the word order in all cases, too.
Best regards,

Dana Law said...

Thank you for the correction. I should have been more careful.
Dana Law

Ignacio said...

You're welcome, Dana! Afterall, we all make mistakes -- even native speakers! :-X
Regards! :-)